Do you have trouble training your child to be honest, disciplined, motivated, and respectful?

You are the best parent for your child. As Parent Coaches, we will equip you with the tools you need to heal the fractures in your family. Our goal is to encourage you, support you, and build your confidence as a parent. We will listen to your individual needs so we can offer specific advice and resources that will lead your child toward obedience. Our services are beneficial to nuclear families, single parents, grandparents, adoptive parents, legal guardians and blended families.

Courtney and Jenny Graber are a married parent coaching team. Our expertise comes from our experience. As houseparents at a Christian children’s home, we have parented over 30 “at-risk” children in addition to our own kids. This alone has given us more than a lifetime of lessons about which parenting tools are effective and which simply do not work.

It’s no secret that men and women have different gifts and strengths when it comes to parenting. We can offer you the unique benefit of two coaches for the price of one, since we meet in sessions as a team.

Our methods have been effective to help young people:
•    Improve school performance
•    Relate to others in a more positive way
•    Increase respect for authority
•    Learn to trust again when adults have disappointed them in the past
•    Raise self-esteem
•    Foster stronger relationships with God
•    Learn skills that lead to employment and teach the value of hard work
•    Consider others first

Every parent can benefit from parent coaching, but not every parent is brave enough to admit it. Don’t wait to seek help until the problem in your family can only be solved by placing your child in the care of professionals. Call for a free 15 minute assessment. Remember, you are a GREAT PARENT! Let us help you.