How much does coaching cost?

Our fee for one 50 minute session is $99. That fee includes unlimited email access to us in between sessions. You may also purchase a block of four sessions for the discounted rate of $350. A $30 non-refundable reservation fee is due at the time sessions are scheduled and will be applied to the cost of the session.


How often do we meet? 

The frequency of meetings is determined by the client. We recommend meeting more often in the beginning of the coaching process as you implement new strategies with your child. After that, meetings can be less frequent and eventually stop as goals are met. 


How long does the process take? 

Most coaching clients reach their goals within 9-13 sessions. The biggest factor in determining success is the degree to which parents implement the recommended changes in parenting style. 


How does parent coaching work? 

First, clients call us and we set up a 15 minute consultation to assess if CPC is a good fit for your family. Coaching sessions are done
by appointment and must be paid for prior to being scheduled. They can happen over the phone or in person if you can arrange to
meet us in Newberry, SC. We are a one hour drive from the Greenville/Spartanburg area and one hour from Columbia, SC. Initially,
we will listen to your concerns, help you develop goals and then discuss how to reach those goals. If you are seeking help, it’s obvious
you care deeply for your child and desire a change in your family. We are so excited to be able to work with people who want to be excellent parents. 


Should both parents be involved in the coaching sessions? 

Yes! If it is possible, all primary parents should attend the coaching sessions together to create unity, consistency, and common goals for the child. Your children need their parents to be a team!


Does Confident Parent Coaching accept insurance? 

Insurance does not currently cover parent coaching. 


Will Courtney and Jenny meet with our child? 

The best case scenario is that your child will not be aware of our meetings, so that they cannot place blame for changes that are made on the “Coaching People.” The changes will come from you. As the parent, you have the authority to make changes in your style at any time. You will have the long term relationship with your child. The child will take change and correction best from you, because of the loving connection you’ve built with them. It would take us years to build the trust necessary for your child to listen to us. You already have that trust. 

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