10 Reasons Why Your Child Shouldn’t Have a Television in Their Bedroom.   

1. They won’t leave their room.

No one knows what kind of person you want your children to be better than you do. In order to train them to be that type of person (honest, hardworking, unselfish, etc.) you have to spend time with them! You need to pass your priorities on to them and teach them how to be a good person. It won’t happen automatically. Your child should not want to stay in their room. He needs to learn how to interact with peers and with their authority figure. Video games and television postpone your child’s development.

2. You need to be able to monitor what they are watching.

There are many programs and movies on television today that glamorize sin. Think of how you would feel if your child spoke and acted the way they see people on TV do. If the set is in the common area of your home, you can pay attention to what they see and tell them to change the channel, or better yet, turn it off and go play. This will also allow you to keep better track of how long they’ve been sitting in front of the tube.

3. Video games and television shorten attention spans.

There are many studies that support this. How do you think this will affect your child’s ability to pay attention in school, where classes last about an hour? This is an easy way to help your child’s school performance and it goes along with the next point.

4. Your child will get more sleep.

TV will keep them up later. Adolescents should be getting about 10 hours of sleep per night. This is another very easy way to help your child perform better at school everyday. My kids often observe fellow students who can’t stay awake at school.

5. Your child will feel self­ sufficient.

Think about it. In the child’s mind when there are conflicts with parents (and there should be) they say to themselves “Why can’t Mom or Dad leave me alone and let me stay in my room and do what I want?” She feels like an adult who doesn’t need parents. Children very much do need you and they need to understand that you are the key to their future. This humble attitude will help them better listen to your advice.

6. Your child needs a quiet place where they can think.

When you are having a conflict with your child, you need a place to send them where they can think about their actions and step back and see the big picture of their place in the family. Their bedroom is a great place for them when they need to calm down, but not if it is filed with stimulating devices.

7. They need a place to read.

Reading will help their school performance more than any other activity. If your child doesn’t like to read, reduce his access to other activities until he starts to like it. If the other options are gone,reading’s appeal “magically” increases.

8. They need a place to do homework.

It would be awfully difficult to get homework done in a room with a TV and no parents….

9. Their room will be cleaner.

In my house the children cannot come out of their room to play until it is clean. If there is a TV in there, they’ll say “OK, Dad. I’ll see you at supper!” and it won’t get cleaned up. It’s pretty difficult for a kid to clean his room with a TV on.

10. Why would they ever want to get a job and move out? 

Seriously, if they live the life of a king under your roof, why would they want to work to provide for themselves. Give them something to strive for, like more freedom, a car, a place of their own, etc. Don’t make them too comfortable.

So take the TV our of your kid’s room. It’ll help them to focus on what is really important…according to you.