The Terrible Twelves

“The Terrible Twos” is a term referring to a child’s propensity to throw fits when they don’t get their way starting at age two. However many parents delay teaching their children how to deal with disappointment until they are much older and can throw bigger fits. Parents do this because they love their child and erroneously believe that they are being kind when they give the child what they want, preventing a fit. In reality, they did the opposite. This is a common mistake made by grandparents who find themselves raising a grandchild.

When my two year old throws a fit, it’s hard for me to hide my laughter. When I have a middle-schooler throw a fit, it can be scary and things can get damaged. There is no reason that tantrums should make it to middle school. Face them while your kids, and their fits, are still small, starting at age two.

When your child throws a tantrum, they are looking to get you to give them what they want, thus they require an audience. Send them to their room and they’ll run out of steam quickly. Tell them they can come out when they can be calm and stop crying.

When parents avoid disappointing their children, they train them to believe that the world will scramble to fulfill their desires. When that doesn’t happen, their little minds are blown!

I have seen adults throw fits just like two year olds because their parents didn’t want to disappoint them when they were two. That is not the kind of adult you want your child to become.

Instead, parents should say no to their kids and allow them to throw their fits and see that tantrums get them nowhere.