How to Encourage Maturity

We all know that it would be unwise to give a long, difficult consequence to a very young child. Why don’t we do that? Most likely, because he would be overwhelmed. He would become despondent, feeling like he was in a pit that he couldn’t dig his way out of.

In our experience, kids that haven’t had many disciplinary consequences, often react like a very young child. They feel despondent and want to give up before they even start.

How do you handle this?

Just like you would with a very young child, give small consequences that can be quickly completed. Then, gradually increase the size and intensity of the consequences until they reach an age appropriate level.

The ability to persevere in tough times is a critical life skill.

If you want to raise a child who is a quitter, then protect her from adversity and teach her that she is not capable of pushing through hard things.