Work is Good for Everyone!

I was cleaning up the yard with my teenage son the other day. He was working, but it was slow. I grew more and more frustrated by the minute as he trudged through his assigned task.

Then I realized that I was the one at fault in this situation. I obviously had not properly trained him to put more effort into his work, because he wasn’t. The truth is it had been a while since we had worked together.

So I apologized to him about my show of frustration and we talked about why he was having trouble working briskly. The talk went well and we went back to work… now on the same mission.

In conversations about teen work ethic with my father, he reminds me that I was not very ambitious at that age either. Today there is even more entertainment to draw kids away from being productive. It is no wonder our kids are afraid of work. They’ve been entertained so much; they feel that being entertained is what they do best.

Each of our kids was created with unique talent. We as parents should help them discover it and encourage them to use it.

Work helps unearth one’s talents. You might find out your child has great attention to detail, entrepreneurial skills or a knack for working with his, or her, hands.

Work with your kids, and start when they are young. This prepares them to be productive adults in the future, and ease your workload today. It’s one of the best ways to connect and find even more things to love about your child!

-- Courtney and Jenny Graber Confident Parent Coaching 803.947.8343